Which cream.

How do I know which is the correct Natural Progesterone cream.

Which is the right Natural Progesterone cream?

The right cream is very important as there are a few creams that have only 2 milligrams or less per ounce and a women will typically want to use 15-25mg per day.

"We prefer the xxxxxxxxxx TM natural progesterone cream for several reasons":
Many women have reported excellent results with it, we like the ingredients, and since it contains more progesterone than most creams, you use less, making it quicker to apply and longer lasting. After initial usage one jar should last 3 to 5 months depending on how much is used.
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx contains vitamin E which helps stabilize the natural progesterone and is also believed to be its most effective carrier. Vitamin E is instrumental in seeing that the natural progesterone is absorbed by the body. Aloe vera oil, avocado oil, carrot oil, and lemon oil also help absorption, and give xxxxxxx xxxxxxx powerful moisturizing capabilities. Natural glycerin is used to prevent drying out, and the other ingredients are used to protect the cream from oxidation and prolong the shelf life. By closing the lid tight after each use there is no concern about deterioration do to exposure to the air.

"You will find that when a woman starts on a larger amount, like the whole jar the first month. She will tolerate it very well. She may tolerate it for 3 months or 6 months but then something funny happens... It begins not working, or she begins to get estrogen like effects. What happens is, when you have more progesterone than you need, it doesn't hurt anybody but what it does is slow down and regulate all of the progesterone receptors.
They cannot tolerate the excessive overload that's occurring and they just shut down. And all of a sudden progesterone starts to not be as beneficial as it use to be. "So I am recommending to you that a selling point on your cream is that one jar is worth 4 or 5 months of use. The first month you could get away with using the whole jar but then it should be tapered down to normal physiological doses."

This is what Dr. John Lee had to say about xxxxxxx xxxxxxxbeing the right Natural Progesterone cream.
Note: Dr Lee does not endorse a particular brand of progesterone cream".











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