Advantages of natural progesterone in adolescents

The general health of girls between the ages of nine and thirteen can be adversely affected by low estrogen levels. When females start to menstruate they often experience emotional outbursts, erratic behavior, excessive talking or non-communicative, sporadic irritability, obsessive eating of sweets, and generally non-cooperative.

Adolescent Use Of Natural Progesterone

It is important that that a good diet is maintained in adolescence. One with plenty of raw organic vegetables is preferred. A good calcium and magnesium supplement (from plant sources - not clam shells) can be helpful. The use of natural progesterone by adolescents has been seen to alleviate most of the symptoms with a high level of wellness with few or no PMS complaints. (Among other things progesterone is used by the body in the creation of estrogen and also sensitizes estrogen receptors consequentially increasing natural estrogen levels.)
Natural Family Planning
Women are blindly using birth control pills or getting their tubes tied without thinking about the long term affects of their choices. It just doesn't make sense when there is a natural option - natural family planning.
One of the effects of an elevated progesterone level is an increase in body temperature. Through the use of a basal thermometer women can accurately monitor their temperature which indicates a rise in progesterone (about a 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit increase) and a fall of progesterone, triggering menstruation, corresponding to a decrease in temperature.
The Couple to Couple League has used this information along with mucus and cervical indicators as a viable means of birth control. When desired the same information can be used to increase the likelihood of pregnancy. For more information get a copy of "The Art of Natural Family Planning" published by the Couple to Couple League.

Adolescent Use Of Natural Progesterone

Birth control Pills - a few facts
Most oral contraceptives are a combination of synthetic estrogen and progestins (e.g. the "combined pill"). The Pill does its job by suspending the normal menstrual cycle. The bleeding which occurs each month is actually "withdrawal bleeding", caused by stopping the pill for seven days of the cycle. The known problems associated with the pill are an increased risk of coronary artery disease, breast cancer and high blood pressure. Its side effects include nausea, vomiting, headaches, breast tenderness, weight increases, changes in sex drive, depression, blood clots and increased incidence of vaginitis. Women with epilepsy, migraine asthma or heart disease are warned that they could have a worsening of their condition.
Nancy Beckman in her book Menopause ? A Positive Approach Using Natural Therapies points out that "Women on the Pill have a greater tendency to liver dysfunction and allergies." The Pill is often prescribed to regulate a woman's cycle. But if it suspends a woman's normal cycle ? and creates withdrawal bleeding instead of a true menstruation, one wonders what is the point of such "therapy"?
Dr. Lee found natural progesterone to be useful for women with irregular cycles, without overriding the body's natural cycle by using hormonal mimics that create an illusion of well- being or normality.

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