Provera is not Progesterone!!

Provera is not Progesterone

An extract from Dr J.Lee's book " What the doctors don't tell you about menopause"

" If you look up in the PDR where Provera comes from, it says it is derived from progesterone, which is an admission that it's not progesterone right?
Wouldn't you say?
But the typical doctor if you ask "What is that Provera", they say "Oh that is progesterone". You don't know, maybe they can't read the PDR !!
So a progestin is the word that has been arrived at meaning compounds that have progesterone like properties, but are not progesterone and are synthetic, and you can add to that, they don't have the full spectrum of all of progesterone's benefits, and they are loaded with side effects.
So progestin is the name of the artificial synthetic drug that is sold by the doctor thinking it is progesterone.
Real progesterone is the one made from the plants.
Doctors know that real progesterone must be used for invetro fertilizations - Provera won't work.
Recent studies have also shown that progesterone protects against coronary spasms and post-menopausal heart attacks and Provera does not provide this protection.
The change of one atom in a molecule like progesterone totally changes its function. Yet the typical doctor doesn't seem to grasp that progestins are not progesterone and that any change in the molecule is going to be a drastic change in what it does. Fertility doctors do not use progestins, progestins cause birth defects (while progesterone is essential), progestins do not raise progesterone levels in blood or saliva. This along with the many side effects of Provera (none of which are caused by progesterone) should be enough to convince every doctor to stop using Provera (Megastrol and others) and change to real "natural" progesterone.
I talk with doctors groups and when I show them that progesterone is not Provera they have this stunned look on their face, they don't even know what question to ask. They've suddenly entered into a world where their mindset has been turned off and they never say anything. It is the most amazing experience. You'd think if they had such firm convictions they'd say oh so-and-so showed that it was. But when they see the evidence, the molecule is different, the effects are different and these differences are real. It's amazing.
Just for the fun of it I have been collecting differences, every time I read a study that shows a difference between Provera and real progesterone. And these are the things that show up.
Progestin: Allows excess sodium and water to get into the system and creates intercellular edema, brain swelling, loss of mineral electrolytes, depression, birth defects, facial hair, all sorts of very bad things. They are only found in progestins. They are not found in real progesterone.
Real Progesterone: Then we get to real progesterone: protects against endometrial cancer, protects against ovarian cancer, protects against breast cancer, normalized libido, no excessive facial/body hair, return of scalp hair, improves invitro-fertilization, improves new bone formation, decreases the risk of coronary artery spasm, essential for mylinization of nerves, essential for males, essential for the other steroids.
It's unbelievable, there are only one or two places where they even have somewhat similar effect. They both protect against endometrial cancer, cancer of the uterus. When they use Provera for bones they get a 5% increase in 3 years and my patients got a 15% increase. So I would choose progesterone."







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