Endometriosis and Natural Progesterone

Endometriosis and Natural Progesterone - Discover how natural progesterone is used in the treatment of endometriosis.

atural progesterone cream is formulated to help women maintain a natural hormone balance.


Endometriosis is a serious and painful condition, where the inner lining cells of the uterus become scattered to areas they don't belong, like the fallopian tubes, uterine musculature, the outer areas of the uterus, the colon, the bladder, and the sides of the pelvic cavity.
With each monthly cycle, the hormones trigger the cells to swell and bleed. With these cells being in the wrong areas of the body, cause inflammation and often disabling pain.
What Are The Symptoms of Endometriosis?
Endometriosis symptoms begin a few days before menstruation. The pain may be major or minor lower abdominal or pelvic pain. Some will notice pain during intercourse and bowel movements.
How Hard Is It To Diagnose Endometriosis?
It is difficult to diagnose Endometriosis, because lab tests, x-rays or sonograms rarely show signs of a problem. Laparoscopy is a minor but successful surgery, where a small scope is used, to detect it.
What Is The Cause of Endometriosis?
The cause is still unclear. Some argue that these cells wander out of the fallopian tubes. Other suggest they are displaced during the development of the fetus. Earlier Doctors have not described the conditions that women with endometriosis are suffering today. Some speculate that the new pollutants and lack of nutrition in our food is the cause since this disease and many others seem to have started with the industrialized society.
What Treatments Are Available for endometriosis?
Mainstream treatments are difficult and usually not very effective. Attempting to remove the misplaced cells is only temporarily successful. The cells are too small to see and eventually the condition returns A drastic, but common, treatment is a complete hysterectomy, so the body will not produce the high level of hormones that cause the tissue to swell. Pregnancy can retard and sometimes cure the disease. The body produces high levels of progesterone, which inhibits the hormones from swelling the tissue and cells. If a woman waits to get pregnant until her thirties she may be unable to do so. Endometriosis can prevent a woman from becoming pregnant because the reproductive organs and surrounding tissue become swollen and blocks the normal activity of the cycle and possibly the sperm from reaching its destination.
Some treatments include progestins (synthetics made from progesterone), to give the same effect as being pregnant. Unfortunately, the doses needed, often have undesirable side effects.
Natural Progesterone has no known side effects and has been used with considerable success with endometriosis. Natural Progesterone is identical to what the body produces, thus giving similar results as pregnancy. Use AIM Natural Progesterone cream from day 6 of the cycle until day 26 each month, using one third of an ounce of the cream per week for 3 weeks, stopping just before the expected period. This treatment requires patience. Over time (4-6 months), however, the monthly pains gradually subside as monthly bleeding in these islets becomes less and healing of the inflammatory sites occurs. The monthly discomfort may not disappear entirely but becomes more tolerable. Endometriosis is cured by menopause. This technique is surely worth giving a trial, since the alternatives are not all that successful and laden with undesirable consequences and side effects.
Most of the information above is available in the book "What Your Doctor may Not Tell You About Menopause" By Dr. John R. Lee, available in most book stores.

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