The Benefits of Beetroot Juice.

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Here are some nutritional values of beets. Beetroot are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, folic acid B12 and C. Some of their many mineral properties are folic acid, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and many antioxidants. The pigment betacyanin, which is responsible for the beet's deep, red-magenta color is also a powerful antioxidant.

Health Benefits of Beetroot.

The benefits of beetroot juice relates mostly to its great reputation as a strong blood builder and purifier because it optimizes the utilization of oxygen stimulating red blood cell production.

Beets also contains nutrients that could help your body fight off health conditions such as colon cancer, high blood pressure and birth defects.
Beets are an instant source of energy because they are rich in carbohydrates. They have no saturated fat and are low in calories.

The pigment that gives beets their rich, red and purple color is called betaine. Betaine presents one of the main benefits of beet juice because it known as a terrific antioxidant, which contains a rich network of phytochemical activity.
This antioxidant helps prevent the formation of cancerous tumors and is therefore a powerful cancer-fighting agent. Its effectiveness against colon and stomach cancer has been established through various studies.

Beetroot detoxifies the liver.

Beetroot juice Researchers claims that compounds found in beets detoxify the liver and have the ability to cure diseases of the digestive system.
The benefit that you thus receive is that it encourages liver cleansing, improves liver functioning and protects it from excessive alcohol consumption.

There are also indications that beetroot juice has the ability to cure kidney and liver diseases, particularly the build up of fatty deposits in the liver caused by alcohol abuse, protein deficiency or diabetes. Beetroot juice can also dissolve kidney stones.

Some of this research has also shown that consumption of beet fiber may increase CD8 cells, which detect and remove cancer-causing cell mutations in the colon. Colon cancer is the third most diagnosed cancer type in the US. Increased production of CD8 cells in the colon effectively fights colon cancer.

A case study that is often cited is that of Dr. Ferenczi of Hungary who had his cancer patients drink a quart of beetroot juice each day, which was reportedly effective in breaking down and eliminating tumors.

Beet combats high blood pressure.

A research study has shown that people who drank two cups of beetroot juice had lower blood pressure within about 60 minutes of drinking the juice with a peak drop occurring 3-4 hours after ingestion. The reduction in blood pressure continued to be observed until up to 24 hours after the juice was ingested.

Professor Ahluwalia who conducted the research says that the decrease in blood pressure was due to the chemical formation of nitrite from the dietary nitrate in the beet juice. The conclusion made was that one of the big benefits of beet juice is that it provides another way to combat high blood pressure without using medication.

Beets boosts Glutathione levels in the body.

One more of the benefits of beet juice are the fact that it has been found to increase the body's production of glutathione.
This substance, which is naturally produced by the human body, is known as the body's master antioxidant and detoxifier. Virtually every cell of the body uses it to neutralize toxins.
We therefor need this substance to protect our eyes, skin, kidneys, liver and many other organs from toxic by products produced by the body through normal metabolism.

If your system is rich in glutathione because of your consumption of beet juice they can perform their essential function of pulling these harmful toxins into the colon from where they can be flushed down the toilet.
Without adequate levels of glutathione many environmental toxins will however remain inside your body and possibly cause health problems.

Beetroot juice can provide protection against birth defects.

Another one of the benefits of beet juice is the fact that it is a very good source of folic acid (also called folate). To prevent the possibility off birth defects, doctors recommend the B vitamin folate in a pregnant woman's diet.

Folic Acid is a key vitamin for proper fetus development as it helps in the proper development of the infant's spinal column and optimal brain development. Folate is very involved in the production of new cells and the maintenance of existing cells.

Beets and cholesterol.

One of the important health benefits of beet juice is its ability to lower bad cholesterol levels and raise healthy LDL cholesterol levels in the body.

Here is a list of some of the conditions that Beetroot juice could help.

Anemia - Beets are rich in iron, which is easily assimilated by the body. They build up the hemoglobin and cleanse the blood.

Antioxidant - The deep, red pigment betacyanin is a powerful antioxidant and protects against several types of cancer.

Blood Pressure - Beet juice reduces high blood pressure.

Cancer - Dr. Alexander Ferenczi successfully treated cancer patients with either raw beet roots or juiced.

Cholesterol- One of the health benefits of beets is that eating them can help lower your LDL cholesterol.

Colon Health- Beets are full of fiber, which helps to move wastes through the intestines and helps to prevent constipation. Also, the antioxidants found in beets protect against colon cancer.

Constipation - The high fiber content of beets makes them excellent to relieve constipation.

Eye Health- Traditionally, beetroot juice has been use to improved eye health and fatigue.

Heart Disease - The abundance of vitamins and minerals in beetroot helps to protect against heart disease.

Inflammation Reduction- The compound called betaine found in red beets can reduce inflammation in joints, bones and blood vessels. This reconstruction in inflammation helps those suffering from asthma and osteoporosis.

Liver- Beet juices helpful in detoxifying the liver.

Menstrual Problems- Beetroot juice has been shows to help correct menstrual problems in women.

Pregnant Women- Beets are high in folic acid which helps to prevent birth defects in your unborn baby. Folic acid is important whenever your body is actively making new cells when healing after physical trauma or when children are growing.

Stamina Increase - Drinking beetroot juice boosts stamina and can increase your workout time by causing a reduction in the uptake of your oxygen, thus increasing you stamina. The natural and unprocessed abundance of carbohydrates found in beets are an excellent source of energy for your body. When the Betain pigment is absorbed into the blood it can reportedly increase the oxygen-carrying ability of the blood by up to 400 per cent.

Sex Problems- The Romans consider beet juice to be an aphrodisiac. Maybe they were right. Beet juice is rich in the mineral boron, which is consider to be vital for the production of sex hormones. Try it, you may like it!

There is no doubt to the health benefits of beetroot juice. To further reduce beetroot juice side effects, use only organically grown red beets, otherwise you will be adding toxins to your juice.

Beetroot Juice Side Effects

Although the benefits of beet juice are great, it is also very powerful. So much so, that you should be aware of some potential side-effects before you start drinking an abundance of beet root juice.
Drinking too much raw beet juice has been known to temporarily cause paralysis your vocal cords. To prevent this, drink it in moderation, make sure your beets are organic and mix your beet juice with the juice of other fruits and vegetables.
Drinking straight beet root juice can causes nausea accompanied by vomiting. To prevent this, dilute your beet juice with other fruits and vegetables. Juice only ¼ to ½ of a small, red beet per serving— a ratio of about 1 part beet to 3 parts other fruits and vegetables.
Don't be alarmed if your stool and urine are discolored red or pink. Discoloration of your stool and urine is just another beet juice side-effect. The official name of this conditions is beeturia.

One of the benefits of beet juice is to detoxify the liver. This is a good thing, however, large amounts of beet juice will cause the liver to release toxins into your body. So after drinking your organic diluted beet juice, follow with a glass or two of water.

People with chronic liver or kidney problems should be especially careful when drinking beet juice and only do so in very small doses.

Fermented Beet Juice Recipe (also known as Beet Kavss)

This recipe makes about 4 servings.

This is an Ukranian drink that is purported to have healing benefits. It certainly contains all of the benefits of beet juice and you can even make this without a juicer. It uses whey as a bacterial "starter" so therefore it is not vegan. To get whey, simply follow the recipe for Greek yogurt and the liquid part that drains off of the yogurt is whey. When refrigerated, the whey can be preserved for months.


  • 3 medium or 2 large organic beets, peeled and coarsely chopped (Do not use grated beets since this will cause your drink to ferment too rapidly).
  • ¼ cup of whey
  • 1 tablespoon of natural sea salt


Place beets, whey and salt in a 2 quart jar. Add water to near the fill line of the container. Stir well and cover tightly. Keep this at room temperature for 2 days, then place it in the refrigerator. To serve, pour through the strainer. Add the strained pieces back into the jar. To use as a tonic, drink 4 ounces in the morning and 4 ounces at night.

  • Grated Beet Salad with Carrots
  • Ingredients:
  • 3 large carrots
  • 4-5 red beet roots, small and young
  • Dressing:
  • juice of one orange
  • 1 clove garlic finely minced
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of cider or balsamic vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • A dash of cayenne pepper to taste


  • Trim, peel, and grate the carrots and beets. (use a food processor with a grater attachment, if you have one).
  • Place the dressing ingredients in a large salad bowl and mix well.
  • Add the grated carrots and beets and toss until well combined.
  • Let the salad stand for 30 minutes before serving. The grated vegetables will create juices making the salad moist while letting the flavors naturally mingle.


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