Natural Progesterone cream before, during and after pregnancy.

Natural Progesterone testimony by Janene.

I have written this in the hope that it will give online information to, and help women from suffering the indignities that I suffered so unnecessarily.
Natural Progesterone cream opened up a new life for me.
By Janene.

breastfeeding problems nursing problemsI started taking birth control pills in 1993, that was the start of the decline of my health. For the next three years my health deteriorated drastically.
I suffered from migraines almost every day; I had insomnia, severe back and neck tension and falling hair.
My periods were very irregular and I suffered from PMS so badly, it kept me in bed. Throughout this time I felt depressed and moody, I couldn't understand why I was having these problems. Eventually my doctor suggested that I go off the pill, and he gave me antidepressants to treat the depression, insomnia and migraines. This however, started a whole new range of symptoms. I developed acne on my neck and shoulders; I had no libido and also developed dark pigmentation on my face.
I was on and off various medications for about 2 years: in hindsight all I was doing was treating symptoms and generating new problems and then treating those symptoms. In 1998 we wanted to start a family, I had been off the pill for about 2 years. I assumed that I hadn't fallen pregnant until now through luck. However, after six more months of trying to conceive, I bought a saliva test kit to determine fertile times in my cycle, and according to the test kit I wasn't even ovulating.

I had heard about Progesterone but my doctor advised me against using it. Fortunately for me, due to the persistence of a friend I started using Natural Progesterone cream. By the end of the first month I could feel that there were changes in my body!
In the second month I was beginning to feel human again and most of the symptoms that had plagued me for so long were disappearing. My skin was clearing up, my hair stopped falling, and my sex life was back to normal. I was using 1/8th of a teaspoon twice a day.

I fell pregnant in the third month of using the natural progesterone cream.
I continued using the cream; to my delight I had new hair growth, and my hairdresser commented on how healthy my hair was. The acne cleared up, the pigmentation marks on my face disappeared and I was feeling really well.
Throughout my pregnancy I had no water retention, my hair grew thick and healthy, I had no thrush or bladder infections, my skin was better than ever and I suffered from very little morning sickness. Everyone commented on how well I looked, and I hadn't felt so well in years. I gained 11 KG's during my pregnancy and gave birth to a 3.65 KG baby boy, Thomas.
I returned to my pre- pregnancy weight only 2 weeks after Thomas was born, and I continue to use the natural progesterone as recommenced for my cycle. I also take teaspoon of Barleygreen at each breastfeed, breastfeeding is always a pleasure. I have plenty of milk and Thomas put on weight quickly during the early weeks, 350 - 500g a week.
Thomas has been a relaxed and satisfied baby from the start, and is still being breastfed at 8 months old. I will always recommend the cream. it helped improve my health and I have a perfect little boy to show for it.

------------15th May 2001-----------
There is a sequel being written about Janene and her natural progesterone/Barleygreen baby.
Thomas is now nearly 2 years old, and is living testimony to all that has been said about Natural Progesterone and Barleygreen, as far as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and child developement are concerned!
Thomas is the child that all mothers dream about.

In retrospect the Barleygreen during pregnancy was the best nutrition I could have had for myself and my baby.
After his birth, the Barleygreen I was taking was wonderful nutrition for Thomas and I am sure it was the source of my abundant milk while nursing.
Thomas now loves his Barleygreen powder in a cup with a teaspoon. He also has Breleygreen caplets which he calls sweets.

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