Miscarriage Information.

There are a multitude of possible causes of Miscarriage

But many miscarriages can be prevented.

The main causes of miscarriages are:

Miscarriage and Estrogen

Dr. Lee informs us that "after conception progesterone prevents miscarriages resulting from excess estrogen." ..............
...........A study done by Dr. Peat, indication that "pregnancy toxemia and tendency to miscarry or deliver prematurely are often corrected by progesterone."

Miscarriage and Progesterone

In his book, Premenstrual Syndrome & You, Neils H. Lauersen, MD, from the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, states that natural progesterone may be helpful to maintain pregnancy.

Prevention of miscariages.

"Women with a history of miscarriage should begin using progesterone cream as soon as they know they have ovulated, to supplement their own progesterone and offset any environmental estrogen effects. "
...........By giving more progesterone after conception, you thus increase the likelihood that the baby will survive..

Using progesterone during pregnancy.

During the third trimester of pregnancy, the placenta makes about 300-400mg of progesterone a day to keep your baby safe. When you consider that during your ovulatory cycle, progesterone levels rises from 2-3mg a day, to peak at around 22-30mg a day after ovulation, 400mg a day is a staggering amount of progesterone – and your tiny baby is literally swimming in it!

Thousands of women in the western world are now using natural progesterone, generally in the form of a non-prescription product that is applied to the skin. They are experiencing increased vitality, better skin tone, a renewed emotional balance, along with many other benefits. Unfortunately, natural progesterone has been almost totally overlooked by medical science while the erroneous focus has been placed heavily on estrogen. It is important in this modern day for us to have a clearer understanding of progesterone, the important natural hormone that it is.Progesterone protects the fetus from miscarriage, increases the feeling of well-being of the mother, increases the potential IQ of the child, produces calmer, less cholicy babies
To protect the fetus the body secretes ten to fifteen times more progesterone during pregnancy than at other times. Dr. Lee tells us that the placenta becomes the major source of progesterone, producing 300 to 400 mgs. per day during the third trimester. What a great protection we have during pregnancy with this incredible hormone!
And with no known dangerous side effects.

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