CalciAIM ™ is a natural citrus drink mix that provides several nutrients crucial to proper skeletal function and high bone sensity.


CalciAIM ™ provides more than a third of the recommended daily calcium intake in each serving. Even better, CalciAIM ™ contains vitamin D, which has recently been linked to improved bone health.

Osteoporosis has sneaked up to become one of the most prominent diseases facing the elderly. More than 44 million Americans are at risk of developing osteoporosis, with more than 10 million estimated to already have the disease. As we age, the complications from osteoporosis and decreased bone density become more and more apparent, often resulting in fractures, falls, and disability.osteoporosis-calcium

Throughout our lives, our bodies continually regenerate new bone in a process called remodeling. Bone is a living tissue just like any other organ in the body and, as such, it is constantly in a state of change, making repairs, filling in gaps or cracks, and generally keeping the skeletal system in smooth, working order.

The remodeling process involves two specific kinds of cells, the osteoclasts and the osteoblasts, and although they sound similar, they perform very opposite actions. The osteoclasts, which are large cells present inside the bone, are responsible for breaking down small parts of the bone, and the osteoblasts are responsible for building them back up.
Where the trouble lies is in how effectively each does its job. The osteoclasts, the ones responsible for removing bone fragments, are slightly more efficient than the osteoblasts, the ones responsible for rebuilding new bone. As such, this very small difference is what leads to an overall dip in bone density over time, resulting in osteoporosis.

The process of remodeling is a necessary function of the body, and even though its natural progression eventually leads to less bone mass, there are ways to help manage the process that can help us control the fate of our bones.

Calcium plays an important role in this process. It is recognized as the best supplement to take to protect against the onset of osteoporosis.

More than 99 percent of the otal calcium in our bodies is stored within our bones for the body to use when needed. Osteoclast cells break down the bone in order to release the calcium into the blood stream. Therefore, one of the best ways to fight osteoporosis is to maintain a diet that is high in calcium, ensuring that the bones are replenished with the nutrients necessary to stay strong. The osteoclasts will continually remove calcium from the bones, so unless we take steps necessary to replace the used calcium, we run the risk of developing osteoporosis. Which is why AIM has CalciAIM™.
The unique formula in CalciAIM ™ allows for a number of different forms of the nutrient to be made available in a highly soluble form. CalciAIM ™ features calcium carbonate, one of the most abundant forms of calcium on earth but also one of the least soluble. To fix the solubility problem, CalciAIM ™ is specially formulated to convert the insoluble carbonates to soluble forms once the CalciAIM ™ powder is mixed with water. The result is soluble forms of calcium known as calcium citrate malate and free-ionic calcium, and combined with two other forms of the mineral, calcium lactate and calcium gluconate, CalciAIM ™ provides more than a third of the recommended daily calcium intake in each serving. Even better, CalciAIM ™ contains vitamin D, which has recently been linked to improved bone health.

For many people, protecting against osteoporosis might seem to involve the same steps that they take to protect against osteoarthritis, but the two conditions are really quite different. Osteoporosis deals with bone tissue and the loss of bone density. Arthritis occurs with the breakdown of joint tissue and cartilage.

Yet that’s not to say that the two aren’t related. Though each condition develops differently and has different symptoms, they are often connected when it comes to problems with decreased mobility and pain either through joint issues or fractures.

In addition to CalciAIM ™ for bone tissue health, AIM offers AIM Frame Essentials® for arthritis relief. The formula contains glucosamine and msm, for healthier cartilage; MSM (sulfur), for healthy cells; and boswellian extract, for joint health.

Another bone-related issue is menopause. Women, who account for 80 percent of all osteoporosis cases, have a greater chance of developing osteoporosis after menopause because the loss of estrogen leaves their bones especially susceptible to rapid decline.

Once a woman’s body loses its natural supply of estrogen, the process of remodeling as described earlier no longer works as planned. Without estrogen, the productivity of the osteoclasts increases leading to a greater rate of bone loss. The complementary osteoblasts simply cannot keep up with the increase in absorption.

The natural progesterone is derived from wild yams, and it works alongside estrogen to aid in bone health and slow bone loss. Natural progesterone has the same molecular structure as the progesterone produced by the body and can be used to balance estrogen and progesterone levels. Even better, its benefits are not limited to just bone health.

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