The Comprehensive Parasite Program

The Comprehensive Parasite Cleanse Program

Having helped several patients over the years overcome digestive disorders, I have developed a number of very successful methods for improving digestive function.
The health program outlined here is designed to function both generally and specifically. Generally, it will improve overall digestive function, immune defenses, and gut flora populations, which are "friendly" bacteria that play an important part in our digestive and overall health. Specifically, the inclusion of AIM RediBeets ™ and AIM Para 90 ™, targets individuals wishing to eliminate possible parasites.
I might add that this program is not specifically designed to target Candida albicans but is more broad-based in its activity.

To complete this program, you will need to use a number of AIM products and make some modifications in your diet.
See the Digestive Health and Parasite Program Summary below for specific products and instructions for the program.

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Days 1-3

The program begins with a three-day modified beet fast using AIM RediBeets ™ Beetroot juice. In a modified fast, you do eat, but you eliminate meat and starches and plan your diet around fruit, vegetables, high-fiber grains, and water.

Beet juice, as found in AIM RediBeets ™, is important because it acts as a digestive astringent, helping to cleanse the digestive tract and make it a less hospitable environment for parasites. (An astringent is something that draws together or constricts body tissues and increases its tone and firmness, and at the same time reduces mucous discharge.) Beet juice also has a drawing effect on the liver, improving the flow of bile from the gallbladder. Because parasites such as Giardia lamblia frequently withdraw into the bile duct, improving liver function and bile flow is very important. Take one serving of AIMRediBeets before each meal.

Take the suggested daily serving of AIM Herbal Fiberblend ™ to begin the human intestinal parasite cleanse program herbal fiberblend detoxification process and support overall digestive function. Digestive health is further supported by taking one to two capsules of AIM PrepZymes ™ just before or during meals. Doing so also helps break up immune complexes that may be present in the digestive tract. And as mentioned, build your meals around fresh fruits and vegetables and high-fiber grain products and drink at least eight glasses of water per day.

Many people who follow this program report a substantial boost in their energy. However, some individuals may experience transient fatigue. If your energy level drops during the first phase of this program, it may be necessary to increase your intake of water to aid in the clearance of additional toxins.

Days 4-30

After the initial three days, your digestive system is well on its way to being cleansed and becoming a less hospitable environment for parasites. At this time, you should decrease your servings of AIM RediBeets ™ to one to two servings per day and continue to take the daily suggested servings (see the product labels) of AIM Herbal Fiberblend ™ and AIM PrepZymes ™.intestinal parasites and worm remedy

This is also the time to add AIM FloraFood ™, a "friendly" bacteria, and AIM Para 90 ™ to the regimen.
AIM FloraFood ™ provides your body with a positive bacteria presence, and the herbal components found in AIM Para 90 ™ assist in cleansing parasites from the digestive system. Follow the directions on the bottle for both of these products.

Although building your meals around fresh fruits and vegetables and high-fiber grain products is ideal, you may begin to normalize your diet by slowly reintroducing meats and starchy foods. Continue to drink plenty of water.

If you notice a substantial increase in gas or bloating, increase your daily serving of AIM FloraFood ™ from the suggested one to two capsules per day to two to three capsules twice per day on an empty stomach.

When you follow this program for the suggested 30 days, you can eliminate parasites and help reestablish and support the long-term health of the digestive system. Because parasites are prevalent, it is wise to follow this program at least once a year. It may be necessary to perform it twice a year. Of course, if symptoms persist, you should consult a health practitioner. Do not use this program if you are pregnant or nursing.

Digestive Health and Parasite Cleanse Program Summary.

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Days 1-3

Days 4-30

All Aim products carry a full moneyback guarantee.

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