BioVivify Astaxanthin can enhance the health of your skin, hair and nails with a combination of six replenishing ingredients: astaxanthin L-proline, glycine, L-lysine, biotin (vitamin B7) and vitamin C.


Key Benefits and Features

• Reduces facial fine lines
• Supports collagen synthesis
• Protects collagen from oxidative damage
• Supports skin hydration and smoothness
• Enhances skin elasticity
• Reduces hair breakage and split ends
• Boosts keratin production
• Improves rough cuticles


The name of this dietary supplement combines the word bio meaning “life” and a derivative of the word vivificare, which in late Latin means “restore to life.” BioVivify bestows life renewed for your hair, nails and skin.

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Astaxanthin Supplement.

Pronounced asta-ZAN-thin, astaxanthin is BioVivify’s primary ingredient. This potent antioxidant is a red- pigmented member of the carotenoid family that provides diverse health benefits.

Sourcing Astaxanthin

Located in the Pacific Northwest, AstaReal® company extracts astaxanthin from non-GM freshwater microalgae. Technicians handpick single cells of microalgae to grow cultures of quality cells that are nurtured in AstaReal’s fully enclosed, indoor photobioreactors.
Under high illumination, the algae breaks down its green chlorophyll, turning it into red, astaxanthin-rich cells.
Using a 100 percent solvent- free extraction method, the astaxanthin is isolated and concentrated into the finest source available for BioVivify.

Biovovofy for skin nails and hair careAstaReal® astaxanthin is the most clinically studied brand.
Using servings of 2 to 12 mg of astaxanthin daily, six clinical studies demonstrated that astaxanthin increases collagen production and synthesis, supports skin hydration and smoothness, enhances skin elasticity and reduces fine lines.

Each BioVivify serving provides 6 mg of AstaReal® astaxanthin.Biovivify and astaxanthin

Salmon get their orangey, pinkish or reddish color from the consumption of small, algae-eating crustaceans. In the USA, the average yearly intake of astaxanthin from salmon is only 11 mg.

One canister of BioVivify provides 180 mg of astaxanthin!

Collagen’s Amino Acids and Vitamin C.

Collagen is a protein that plays a pivotal role in skin structure and function. The amino acids L-proline, glycine and L-lysine and vitamin C are essential for the synthesis of collagen. The alpha-chain structures in collagen require the presence of L-proline and glycine while vitamin C is a cofactor in the hydroxylation of alpha chains, providing structure for collagen. L-lysine contributes to collagen’s tensile strength.biovivify

The Astaxanthin-Vitamin C Connection

Fibroblasts are specialized cells that synthesize collagen. Working synergistically, astaxanthin and vitamin C optimally protect fibroblasts from the oxidative damage caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS), a type of free radical that contains oxygen.
BioVivify’s inclusion of vitamin B7, also known as biotin, can stimulate the production of keratin in your hair and increase the rate of hair follicle growth.
BioVivify represents AIM’s very first nutricosmetic, an ingestible health product that enhances the function and appearance of hair, nails and skin from the inside out.

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For additional hair, skin and nail benefits, take AIMega and BarleyLife along with BioVivify.Barleylife and Biovivify




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