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Experts Say Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Can Treat Hormonal Imbalances including PMS and Perimenopause


CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 28, 2005--For most 30-something women, worrying about hormonal changes is a problem they don't think they'll have to face until they've developed more than just a few grey hairs or at least had a grandchild. But doctors say even women in their 30's can experience unpleasant menopausal symptoms like mood swings, weight gain, brittle bones and low libido during extreme PMS or perimenopause.

Perimenopause is the time in a woman's life when she is transitioning from childbearing years to menopause, according to the World Health Organization. During this time estrogen levels may drop by 40 to 60 percent and progesterone levels may fall to zero by the onset of menopause.

"Don't be fooled by age. Women as young as their 30's can experience severe mood swings, night sweats, low libido, vaginal dryness, weight gain and tension or migraine headaches," says Dr. Paul Savage, founder and chief medical officer of BodyLogicMD, a network of anti-aging physicians specializing in treating male and female menopause with natural bioidentical hormones.

"Like menopause, perimenopause and PMS are normal parts of a woman's cycle and women will experience many of the same symptoms of menopause, but there are natural ways to relieve these symptoms."

After the birth of her second child, patient Malissa Mosak, 30 said she became a different person. Her mood swings were so severe that Mosak says she didn't even recognize herself.

"I was out of control. Some days I was happy and felt like myself, but most of the time I was a monster. My sex drive was non-existent. I yelled at my husband all the time and no matter how much I dieted I couldn't lose the baby weight," said Mosak. "I hated myself."

After months of questioning doctors who only recommended she go on birth control pills or anti-depressants to control her mood swings, Mosak started researching hormone imbalances.

Mosek discovered her symptoms were related to a severe case of hormonal imbalance. Mosak was severely low on progesterone and estrogen, and high on testosterone.

Like many women, Mosak said she was eager to find relief for her symptoms, but was confused by the myriad of studies on hormone therapy, estrogen and the Women's Health Initiative.

"I was so excited about the natural part. I rushed right out and bought a book that talked about (bioidentical hormones)".

Made from yam, soy and natural plant extracts, bioidentical hormone therapy is a natural and safer alternative for treating those unpleasant PMS, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.

"It is important for women to understand the difference between synthetic hormones, like the ones used in the Women's Health Initiative, and bioidentical hormones," says Savage. "Synthetic hormones act as toxins in the body because they are not metabolized the same way human 'bioidentical' hormones are metabolized."

Bioidentical hormones are exact replicas of hormones that occur naturally in the body, says Savage. In addition to relieving unpleasant PMS symptoms, natural hormone therapy can actually protect against obesity and other diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer's. Bioidentical hormones need to be prescribed by a physician and made at a quality compounding pharmacy.

In treating women with hormonal imbalances such as PMS and perimenopause, BodyLogicMD physicians closely monitor hormone levels to replace them with what is missing or low. Patients' symptoms are closely monitored to ensure for the proper dose.

After three months on bioidentical hormone therapy, Mosak said she noticed a significant difference in her mood swings and sex drive.

"I could not believe the difference I felt. I was happy, loving, and energetic. It was a miracle. My weight started to drop off and by Christmas I had lost 11 pounds and was back to the old Annie," said Mosak. "Natural bioidentical hormone therapy saved my marriage, my kids, my world."

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November 28, 2005 10:00 AM US Eastern Timezone

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