"Brands" of Helpful Bacteria

Test if the probiotic listed in the ingredients of your purchase has been subjected to scientific studies?

Below are some species that have been tested; the "x" shows that a specie may counter a specified health problem. Various strains of the species listed here may have been studied to varying degrees. Those species not appearing in this table may or may not have been tested.

Probiotic Species Irritable Bowel Syndrome Intestinal Viral Diarrhea Other Diarrhea* Urogenital Respiratory Allergy
B. animalis            
B. breve     x      
B. infantis x          
B. lactis   x        
B. longum           x
L. acidophilus x x       x
L. casei   x x      
L. fermentum       x    
L. paracasei     x      
L. plantarum x   x   x  
L. reuteri   x       x
L. rhamnosus x x x x    
L. salivarius           x
S. boulardii x x x      

* "Other Diarrhea" includes diarrhea associated with antibiotics, traveler's diarrhea, and diarrhea caused by the Clostridium difficile microbe.


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