GastroIntestinal Parasites, How they cause disease.

Author: yvonne 

GastroIntestinal Parasites may be causing you to become ill! 

Everyone's got 'em.   You have 'em, I have 'em.  Gastrointestinal parasites, that is.  The inside of the bowel is infested with parasites and their off-spring.  When there gets to be too many they change the normal balance of the gut and by doing this,  toxins are pulled into the body from the intestine instead of being excreted through the bowel. Not only do our abdomens become swollen from this, the toxins from the parasites find their way into our tissues and organs and begin to make us ill.  This may take time, but sickness is a result over time.

Most of our bodies defense against gastrointestinal parasites is in our gut

70 of our immune system or defense system from disease is in our gut.  When the gut is infected with gastrointestinal parasites it weakens our defense process and our body becomes more and more helpless to defend itself and stay well.  In other words they can start a disease process in other parts of the body, not just the gut.

It is our job to keep the bowel in a pristine state free of gastrointestinal parasites and food poisoning of any kind.

What do I do to get rid of gastrointestinal parasites?

Who's In Charge here, anyway?parasite

Is takes several things.  A healthy nutritional diet with lots of vegetables and natural foods is important.  Yogurt is a good food for providing good bacteria that the bowel needs.   You can add yogurt to a smoothie with  your available vegetables and fruits.   Eating yogurt and yogurt products will help to maintain the acidity that the bowel needs.  In other words yogurt and like products change the 'soil' of the bowel so the bugs have no place to grow.  Using olive oil and cooking more stir fry with broccoli and vegetables and using more rice products also helps create the healthy environment.

Drinking plenty of water is also important.  In addition, using supplements that you can get at a health food store for example zinc, beta carotene, selenium and vitamins A, C & E help kill the invaders.  When gastrointestinal parasites are present in the bowel they take a lot of the mineral sulfur, out of the bowel to do their work.  A good sulfur product such as Msm helps restore the bowel and can be added to a smoothie. Minerals are essential.  They attach to the enzymes that are normal in our digestive process and are necessary  to keep the bowel healthy.  Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are essential.  These are found in meats dairy and eggs.  If you are a vegetarian the bodies need is even greater.  Good homeopathic remedies are available.

Eliminating sugar and gluten in our diets is a great starting place. Gastrointestinal parasites thrive on sugar and they love the 'glue' in gluten found in the wheat bread and other wheat products.

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