Fat Loss CRIME #21 Constipation and Failure to POOP Every Day.

Herbal Fiberblend dietary fiber for chronic constipation.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ok, now I know this is an uncomfortable subject for some...but it IS an important topic to think about! Whether you want to discuss it here or have an internal debate is up to you. Or even if it Sparks you to talk to your doctor....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

Hey everyone!!

This is a blog about a blog....well it is kind of a blog. Actually it is a manual. It is a manual that one of my mentors, Brad Nelson, issues to his BootCamp Clients in Minnesota. (If any of you are in the St Paul area I HIGHLY recommend you checking out his place... RADBootCamp.com. There are more actual transformations and blogs at... www.BradRants.com

That being said, it is my goal to give you 27 days of Fat Loss Crimes....yup, I said it. Pretty sure I am guilty of some if not most of them. How many are you guilty of? How many are you willing to change?

Fat Loss CRIME #21 Constipation and Failure to POOP Every Day.

Are we really going to discuss POOP?
Yes, Ethel, we are. Get Your PhD. "Poop Happens DAILY."

Poop. Crap. Dung. Fecal Matter. Poo. S*%t. Did you just get more comfortable?

Are you constipated? About 50% of the American population has trouble with daily bowel movements. In my experience, women seem to have more trouble because of hormonal differences…approximately 7 out of 10 women I see for fat loss have difficulty in Dept #2. This leads to Auto-Intoxication—accumulated decaying fecal matter creating toxins that are re-circulating into your bloodstream. Sludge that is hanging out in your intestines and causing you to feel sick. (THANKS BRAD!! LOVELY THOUGHT!)

Pooping is a primal, normal, regular bodily function for every mammal on the planet…or at least it should be. DAILY! Optimally it would be 20-30 minutes after each larger meal. If you are not pooping AT LEAST ONCE PER DAY and optimally two to three times per day (HOLY CRIPES!!!), then you have systemic digestive issues that already are or soon will be wreaking havoc on your system.

What causes constipation?
Processed food, dehydration, lack of exercise, prescription drugs, and over-use of OTC laxatives. All of these lead to an imbalance of bacteria in your digestive tract leaving you with more bad bacteria than good bacteria.

If it’s NOT coming out…it’s NOT coming off. Repeat… “If it’s (poop) NOT coming OUT, it’s (fat) NOT coming OFF!"

This SINGLE daily activity (pooping) is the quickest path to feeling better and seeing fat loss results and it means your body is properly digesting food, giving you more energy to invest in Looking Great Naked.

FAT LOSS is a function of waste elimination—both what is already backed up in the body and also what will be produced as a by-product of you becoming more active with your training.
I recommend the following to help re-balance your digestive tract and regularly scheduled bathroom activity…

*ProBiotic Restore--re-seeds the intestinal lining with good bacteria.
*Herbal Cleanse-- gentle uneventful intestine/spleen/liver cleanse to kick start fat loss.
*OmegaPlex--high-quality Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation when cleansing.
*Rehydrate--the most advanced electrolyte replacement drink on the market

Verdict #21
POOP ONCE Minimum DAILY. 2-3 Times Per Day Optimal.

Yup I brought it up. Yup I think it is a REALLY important topic. Digestive health isn't JUST about being fat. It plays a role in how we feel as well.

Did YOU know that the GI tract is also known as the "little brain". It sends signals to the "big brain" alerting it to stress. Then the brain releases chemicals and hormones from there to counteract stress.

Huh. Who knew?

Are you food journaling? I would say there will be most that say yes or at least I have....Have you ever tracked your OUTPUT? Have you tracked when you pooped or peed? These are GREAT indicators of how well your body is functioning. Think about doing it for a week.

Now you may have noticed Brad through some products out there to help regulate the GI tract. This is part of the business he and I are both involved in. I won't promote them here but will say if you are interested in learning about them let me know. They aren't for everyone but they do work when used correctly. There is a 19 year proven success record and several in the line have been independently tested by Dr Oz.

So here is what I say.....GET OUT THERE AND POOP PEOPLE!!!! giggle....

More informatuion on natural chronic constipation remedy.

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