Constipation : A Modern Plague.

Constipation has become an epidemic in our modern lifestyle.  Today laxatives seem to be some of the top drugs people are buying over the counter to help with elimination.  The average American has a 96-hour transit time from the mouth to the other end. This means that the average person carries 4 days worth of waste in their colon (Woods, p. 37). 

It used to be thought that if someone eliminated once a day, then they were in good shape.  But a healthy colon leads to  eliminate two or three times daily.
Ideally, we eat a meal, and within hours have a bowel movement, eliminating the previous meal's waste.  When the digestive system is healthy, we'll have one or two meals in there, but no more than that.

If you have once a day bowel movement, or if you suffer a decrease in the frequency of bowel movements or difficulty in passage of stools, this article is going to give you an assortment of helpful tips in order to help you regain regularity in the most important system in your body - your digestive system.    

Causes of constipation:

Two types of constipation:

Mostly lazy bowel type of constipation.
For lazy bowel, a high-fiber diet with increased water intake is recommended. 
Try dietary fiber supplementation for a lazy bowel.

Some individuals have spastic constipation (narrowing of the colon with small, ribbon-like stools).
Spastic constipation can be caused by an obstruction so make sure to rule out any complications. 
A more common cause of spastic constipation is nervousness or anxiety.  Therefore, relaxation exercises and positive thoughts are very helpful (calbom, p. 131).

Test your foods transit time:
You can test the transit time from the time you eat your meal to the time it exits your body by consuming beetroot and monitoring the stool for beetroot's red color.  A healthy bowel should process a meal within 18 to 24 hours from the time of entrance  to the time of exit. 

Avoid Laxatives! 
Dr.  Jensen wrote that there are 45,000 laxative and cathartic remedies for constipation being manufactured and used by Americans. He recommends not to use laxatives at all.  Even when used sparingly and in an emergency, he says that these laxatives should be used with great caution (Jensen).

Laxatives can damage the mechanism of elimination.  The way laxatives work is by poisoning or irritating the colon.  "The poisoned colon tries to evacuate the offending substance as quickly as possible, and pushes everything out including the compacted feces".  Oftentimes, these laxatives find their way to all parts of the body.  This situation can contribute to addiction and overuse of these drugs.  Dependency upon laxatives will in time, permanently destroy the normal ability of the bowel to eliminate naturally on its own accord (Jensen).    

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Helpful Diet Tips to Correct Faulty Nutrition:

Breakfast :
Mangos, papayas, figs, different types of berries, dates, apricots, coconut meat and water. 

Choices of the following.
Steamed vegetables.  This meal is usually eaten by 5pm.  The best vegetables to use are: zucchini up to 2 a day, celery, broccoli, yellow squash and kale.  Steam one sweet potato a day and eat with vegetables. Eat one avocado a day.  Or make a vegetable soup from the above vegetables (vegetable broth).  

Veggie juice mostly from dark green vegetables (parsley, kale, zucchini, celery, bell pepper and cilantro) sweeten with an apple, one carrot, and a small amount of beets.  Or eat a big bowl of salad with lots of green vegetables. You can mix some nuts and seeds with your salad. 

Papaya and any other fruits throughout the day. If you eat dehydrated fruits, you must hydrate the fruit by soaking it in water for a few hours before eating it.

Another beneficial tea is a cup of peppermint tea.  Peppermint contains menthol which has an antispasmodic effect on the muscles of the digestive tract and helps dispel gas which is a common problem with constipation (Woods, p. 38).
But to address the constipation, a dietary fiber supplement is usually your best bet.

Avoid constipating foods and drinks, including cheese, fried foods, sweets, white flour, salt, junk food, beef, pasteurized milk,  wine, carbonated drinks, and coffee.

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 Beneficial supplements to augment a normal (bad) diet:

To help with digestion and assimilation:
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Exercise is a very important factor in maintaining a healthy digestive system.  Regular exercise can act as an intestinal stimulant and a stress reducer.  During physical activity, the stomach and intestines relax.

More information on chronic constipation.  

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