Powerful Antioxidant food - BarleyLife.

Barleylife antioxidant food - the high ORAC value food!!

BarleyLife tests at 25,500 ORAC units per 100 grams, that is 255units per gram, or 1275units per 5g tablespoon.
So 3 tablespoons per day provides 3825 ORAC units - well within the daily recommended antioxidant intake.
Add your daily fruits and veggies and you are at the top of the recommended intake of antioxidants. (Not to mention all the other tremendous nutrients and benefits of the barley juice.)

What antioxidants are known to be in BarleyLife?
BarleyLife contains numerous substances known to be antioxidants, too many to list here.
Some of the largest contributors would be:

  • beta-carotene
  • chlorophyll
  • superoxide dismutase (SOD)*
  • catalase
  • Lutonarin (7-O-GIO)
  • Saponarin (7-O-GIV)
  • Polyphenol oxidase
  • vitamin E
  • Phosphorus
  • and Zinc

Note: These are not ingredients added to BarleyLife but they are naturally occurring nutrients found in BarleyLife.

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BarleyLife vs Antioxidant Foods and Supplements.
A popular antioxidant supplement on the market today, product X, is advertised as very powerful.
So lets compare X to BarleyLife.
The ORAC number for X is 3003 TE per gram. Wow! Sounds powerful, right? However 1 gram of X per day would require 17 60mg capsules costing $6.66 !
4 of the X capsules is a more likely daily dose providing 720 ORAC units at a cost of at least $1.57.
BarleyLife however requires only 2.8 grams, or about 1/2 tablespoon of powder for 720 ORAC units at a cost of less than 40 cents !!!
This is very exciting! And BarleyLife is much more than an antioxidant!!

ORAC Why is BarleyLife so High in Antioxidants?

BarleyLife State-of-the-Art Technology yielding the best barley juice powder ever. (* The Superoxide dimutase (SOD) enzyme, a powerful antixoidant, has been isolated and studied for years by scientists and is recognized as very important in human health. Scientists determined that their isolated SOD(separated from everything else in the plant), when used as a supplement, did not increase intercellular SOD. Because of this, general statements have been made that SOD only benefits the body when it is made by the body and that SOD from foods is not beneficial. These scientiest were oblivious to the fact that antixoidants and other phytochemicals depend on the overall biological synergy that occurs in the body from whole foods (not extracted, isolated nutrients). Studies involving wholefood supplements containing SOD showed increases in excess of 200% in body produced SOD. So we will continue to beleive that God knew what he was doing when he put SOD in plants and one day scientists will have a better understanding as to how it all works.)

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http://www.cancer.gov/newscenter/pressreleases/antioxidants https://brunswicklabs.com/artman/uploads/jf0116606.pdf

BarleyLife - Antioxidant food:
Fresh green juice from young organically grown barley leaves - available in powder or veggie capsules.
BarleyLife is natures gift to us, a natural rejuvenator, densely nutritious green juice.
BarleyLife contains not only vitamins and minerals but naturally occurring protein, enzymes, chlorophyll, antioxidants, and many phytochemicals. There are well over 180 known plant compounds in the barley plant. It is the type of nutrition our bodies crave but don't get enough of. Used daily the body cells respond enthusiastically. So much so that you will notice the difference!
Reports of health benefits abound.
Why take man-made vitamins hoping it will help?
Take BarleyLife and experience the difference or your money back !