Reducing the chance of miscarriage.

The chances of having a miscarriage can be reduced in many cases.

Some of the causes of miscarriages are:

Miscarriage and Estrogen.

Dr. Lee informs us that "after conception progesterone prevents miscarriages resulting from excess estrogen." ..............
........... in Dr. Peat's study, indication that "pregnancy toxemia and tendency to miscarry or deliver prematurely are often corrected by progesterone."

Miscarriage and Progesterone.

In his book, Premenstrual Syndrome & You, Neils H. Lauersen, MD, from the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, states that natural progesterone may be helpful to maintain pregnancy.

Prevention of miscariages.

"Women with a history of miscarriage should begin using progesterone cream as soon as they know they have ovulated, to supplement their own progesterone and offset any environmental estrogen effects. "

Use of progesterone during pregnancy.

During the third trimester of pregnancy, the placenta makes about 300-400mg of progesterone a day to keep your baby safe. When you consider that during your ovulatory cycle, progesterone levels rises from 2-3mg a day, to peak at around 22-30mg a day after ovulation, 400mg a day is a staggering amount of progesterone - and your tiny baby is literally swimming in it!


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