AIM Garden trio™ vegetable juice made easy.

THE AIM GARDEN TRIO Five servings a day?..... No problem!

Health practitioners and health organizations recommend that we get five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This is because a diet high in fruits and vegetables may well reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.

green juice carrot juice beetroot juice

For many of us, getting five servings a day is not easy. But did you know that 180 ml (3/4 cup) of 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice equals one serving?

An easy way to drink five or more glasses of juice a day is by using the AIM Garden Trio ™. This convenient trio pack brings you the benefits of a green juice, a carrot juice, and a beet juice. Simply mix these easy-to-use powders with water or juice when you get up and after work and drink away!


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The unique processing methods used in creating these whole food concentrate supplements ensure that you get the next best thing to pure juice.

The AIM Garden Trio ™ - on your way to five a day!

Barleylife ™ - a green vegetable juice Barleylife was one of the first products created to make the benefits of juicing readily available to consumers through the advantage of new technologies. Barleylife contains a wide spectrum of nutrients, including vitamins A, B1, C and E, and the minerals potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc. In addition, young barley grass contains significant amounts of amino acids, enzymes, chlorophyll, and alkalizing substances. Just Carrots - Carrot juice. Just Carrots has one of the highest sources of natural beta carotene. In addition, Just Carrots contains vitamin C, calcium and potassium. Just Carrots crystals are concentrated 25 times which means that 25 pounds of raw carrots are used to make one pound of Just Carrots crystals. Further, Just Carrots are residue-free, ensuring that you will not be getting any harmful toxins. A special process is used to produce Just Carrots, which ensures that nutrients and enzymes remain active. This process does not use additives, sweeteners, fillers, or artificial ingredients.RediBeets ™- Beetroot juice. RediBeets provides you with a convenient means to get beet juice, which many nutritionists recommend as one of the three core juices. Beets contain phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium, as well as vitamins A and C, niacin, folic acid, and biotin. When these nutrients are captured in a juicing process, they remain in a form that is much easier to assimilate than synthetic nutrients. The iron in beet juice, in particular, is noted for being much more easily assimilated than man-made forms of iron.

Do your body a favor. Give it the nutrients it needs in an easy, convenient way. The AIM Garden Trio ™.

Consider the relative benefits:

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Nutritional values
Beetroot juice helps blood pressure
Beetroot juice and Cancer
Beetroot juice boosts stamina
Beetroot juice increases endurance.
Beetroot juice improves cycling performance
Benefits of Beetroot Juice
Beetroot juice Cancer study
Side Effects
Beetroot, Carrot, Barley Juice Trio


Benefits for children for children.
Nutritional content of carrot juice.
Concentrated nutrition of Carrot juice.
Taste Inheritance.
Carrot Juice and eyes.
More Rewards of Carrot Juice.
Constipation and carrot juice.


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