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Years ago a politician was seeking office using the general theme, “I hear you.” His message, of course, was that he would listen to his constituents and might actually hear what they were saying. Unfortunately for him, he might have been listening but the voters tuned him out. He lost the election.

AIM customers have been doing some asking and The AIM Companies ™ has been listening. Customers have been requesting a no kelp AIM BarleyLife ® product. The wait is over. They've got it. AIM BarleyLife ® is now available in a no kelp formula.

Just what does that mean?
For those customers with a sensitivity to iodine, the iodine that is part of kelp is not in the product. Kelp is a seaweed and iodine is part of the ocean environment, thus the presence of iodine in kelp.
What’s left, of course, is the same great barley product you have become accustomed to. AIM BarleyLife ® is the flagship product for the company and it is worth reminding customers just how great a product it is.

Young green barley plants, which is the only type used in AIM BarleyLife®, are a tremendous source of:

There was a time when the value of green barley—as a food, as a supplement, as a nutrient—was a secret. No longer. As society has become more aware and attuned to the value of natural products, for preventive health and for healing, the research showing barley is the best of the green foods is becoming more well-known and accepted.
But not all barley is alike. Only the AIM BarleyLife ® products, including the new no kelp formula, are controlled from seed to soul. We plant it, we tend it, we harvest it, we process it, we sell it—controlling it along the way so our customers will know it is the best it can be.

You can judge a barley by its canister.

More Barleylife green juice choices

All Aim products carry a full moneyback guarantee.

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Benefits of juicing without the inconvenience.

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AIM Barleylife Traditional green juice powder 300gr


Barleylife - the Ultimate Food Supplement.
One of the very few products anywhere, that can detoxify and build at the same time!
Your Body Is Hungry For REAL FOOD!!! You want real food as in Barleylife !
Throw out your Multi-Vitamins!
Get Your Vitamins & Minerals From Food. Not From Pills!!!
Multi-Vitamins are NOT food.
There is Energy and Health in Barleylife!


BarleyLife XtraBarleyLife Xtra green juice

Who said, “If it’s good for you, it has to taste bad”? AIM Barleylife ® Xtra is a delightful, cherry-apple flavored green barley juice powder.

Naturally sweetened with fruit and vegetable powders and Lo Han (a fruit specifically chosen for its sweetening ability), AIM Barleylife®Xtra provides a healthy, nourishing alternative to the plethora of sugar-filled drinks available today. Children and adults alike enjoy this smooth, pleasant drink. When taste makes all the difference, reach for AIM Barleylife® Xtra.


BarleyLife Capsules

AIM BarleyLife® Capsules

Are BarleyLife capsules completely vegan?
Yes, AIM BarleyLife® capsules are completely vegetarian and acceptable in a vegan diet.

How quickly do the capsules dissolve?
AIM’s vegetarian capsules have been shown to dissolve within 5 to 10 minutes in water. Dissolution will be quicker in the stomach’s acids.

  • Take 6 capsules 2 to 3 times per day. Many people start with 3 and gradually increase to 5 or 6 per day.
  • Young children begin with 1 capsule per day and gradually increase to 2 capsules per day.
  • Athletes and others under stress often take larger amounts, sometimes as many as 18-26 capsules per day.
  • AIM BarleyLife are best taken on an empty stomach, between 30 minutes and 2 hours after a meal.