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From Death Unto Life
by Connie Fulcher

Dealing with a chemical imbalance (bi-polar) most of my life, I have felt very lonely and isolated with my illness. Depression and sheer exhaustion from the medications have left me feeling sleep deprived and groggy for almost 20 years. Consequently, family relationships have suffered. When you are depleted physically, it affects you mentally. It also affects you spiritually.

Barleylife green juiceI have thought for years that I was not a good person, so my self-esteem has always been at a very low ebb. I started Barleygreen ™ when a family friend Dick Cutshall was painting our new home about a year ago. He told me what it had done for him and urged me to try some. Initially I started out with a teaspoon a day and did not notice a lot.

A few months ago when I ran into another friend, she encouraged me to not be stingy about the amount of Barleygreen ™ I was taking. I then increased it to two teaspoons a day then three. Right away I noticed my energy level and endurance were much better. I didn't find myself so crabby or exhausted, but able to function on an even keel.

I have never been able to entertain before because of sheer exhaustion. At Christmas this year I entertained over 75 people total! Before Barleygreen ™ maybe I would entertain 3 or 4 people per year at the holidays.

I feel so good that I almost feel like I can keep up with other people now. What a life changing experience to go from "death unto life." Isn't that what Jesus would want for us?

(Carolyn's note. You can see how powerful Barleygreen has been for so many people, like Connie. Now we have something even more powerful in AIM BarleyLife ™. Isn't that exciting!)

Article reprinted from Carolyn Kling's August 2002 Healthy Gems newsletter.


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